Microsoft Office iOS App

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Microsoft have announced they will be releasing a new Office app for iOS and Android. This is similar to the Office app which is available on Windows 10 and provides a central portal to access your office applications and documents.

This will actually replace the following apps on your smartphone/tablet…Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office Lens! This is currently in a private beta and I was lucky enough to get on to the iOS test flight for the new app. I have provided some screenshots of the different functionality that currently available.

When you first launch the app, the Home screen, shows you the most recent documents which you have been working across OneDrive and SharePoint Online. Along the top will show you activity on recent documents that you have access to and opened.

What I really like is the integration with the Windows Sticky Notes, so if you have the Sticky Notes app on your desktop and signed into Office 365, this will keep your notes in sync and show them on this app.

The Actions screen provides you some very useful features such as Scan to Text and converting an Image to a table in Excel!

When selecting the + button you have the option to create a new Note (in Sticky Notes), use the Office Lens functionality to take a picture or create an Office Document.

This is a great new app from Microsoft which makes it so much easier to work across any device with some useful functionality.


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