Troubleshoot the NVIDIA GPU installed in the ESXi Host

You will need to open a SSH connection to the ESXi host to run these commands. First lets confirm ESXi can pick up the GPU. The above results show there is a NVIDIA GRID K1 GPU installed. However, this does not confirm that the GPU is being used. Confirm if Xorg Service is Running: If … Continue reading Troubleshoot the NVIDIA GPU installed in the ESXi Host

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Outlook AutoDiscover on Non Domain PCs

I was recently asked about a user reporting problems accessing their Out of Office and Shared Outlook Calendars when accessing Outlook from a Non-Domain Computer. Additionally the user was not able to create an Autodiscover record on the DNS for their public Domain. Outlook uses the domain of your smtp email account in outlook to try … Continue reading Outlook AutoDiscover on Non Domain PCs

Powershell: Active Directory – Set Change Password at Logon for all Users

When faced with a situation where you have an OU full of users who need to be forced to change password at logon your first option may instinctively be the GUI - Active Directory Users and Computer. This may seem a lot easier than powershell as you only need to highlight all the users, select … Continue reading Powershell: Active Directory – Set Change Password at Logon for all Users

Migrate WSUS Content in Server 2012

The Windows Server Update Services content can be moved after the role has been installed and configured using the WSUSUTIL.EXE utility. This can be found on your WSUS server at the following location: “%PROGRAMFILES%\Update Services\Tools\” You will need to create the directory on the destination location first before running this command, for example D:\WSUS The … Continue reading Migrate WSUS Content in Server 2012

Recover Exchange 2003 Public Folders

There is a great utility by Microsoft which can be used to view the Public Folders in Exchange Server 2003 called PFDAVAdmin. This can be used to recover Public Folders which have been accidentally deleted. Note: It will not be possible to recover the items if Exchange has carried out a maintenance cleanup after the … Continue reading Recover Exchange 2003 Public Folders

Enable Deduplication in Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 brings a useful new feature for your file servers to give you more efficiency in your file servers. This feature can be installed from the Roles and Feature wizard on any Server 2012 or 2012 R2 operating system. Microsoft provide a deduplication evaluation tool as part of Server 2012 so you can … Continue reading Enable Deduplication in Server 2012